The Emirates announces the launch of the annual investment meeting in Abu Dhabi tomorrow

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Participants from 170 countries have begun arriving in Abu Dhabi for the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM Global 2023), which is the leading investment platform for global investors and will launch its 12th edition on May 8 and 10 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. Participants have begun arriving.

The three-day event is anticipated to attract a global audience consisting of top executives, decision makers, senior corporate leaders, government officials, and representatives from civil society. The purpose of this gathering is to identify unrealized business opportunities and promote cooperation on a basis that is beneficial to both parties involved.

The Annual Investment Meeting will be held in Abu Dhabi for the first time ever, with the theme "The Investment Paradigm Shift: Future Investment Opportunities To Foster Sustainable Economic Growth, Diversity, and Prosperity." This event will take place in the city that serves as the country's capital.

This event is co-hosted by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, both of which are providing assistance for it. The Annual Investment Meeting is well-known for its ability to convene thousands of investors from all over the world, and it is expected that this year's gathering will be no different in that regard.

The event will highlight five major pillars — startups, foreign direct investment, small and medium companies, future cities, and foreign portfolio investments — with the goal of boosting local and worldwide economic growth. The primary focus of the event will be on developing a road map for the global economy. Dawood Al Shezawi, Chairman of Annual Investment Meeting, made the following statement regarding the upcoming gathering: "The Annual Investment Meeting has established itself as a leading platform for investors and business leaders from around the world to come together and explore new opportunities for growth and development." As we prepare to welcome delegates to Abu Dhabi for the event that is being held this year, we are excited to share our vision for the future and investigate new cooperation opportunities that will contribute to the expansion of the global economy.

Workshops, displays, and opportunities to network will be some of the activities that will be featured at this year's event, which will feature many initiatives geared to support the five core pillars. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with renowned professionals from the investment and technology industries to discuss novel approaches to fostering economic expansion and achieving sustainable development objectives.

Investment Forum in Abu Dhabi
Investment Forum in Abu Dhabi

Sessions on the Investment Track

The sessions that will take place on the first day of the main conference's Investment Track include "Investing in Space to Attain the UN SDGs and Sustainability," which will feature a speech by Candace Johnson, chair of the Seraphim Space Advisory Board and partner; "Global Economic Outlook - Beyond the Paradigm Shift, Where Next for the Investment Market," which will explore the opportunities for FDI and FPI in identifying changes that will transform the global investment landscape; and "Global Economic Outlook

On the second day, there will be sessions on "Digital Transformation: Integrating Innovative Technologies in FDI to Increase Value," "Towards Investment Facilitation for Development: How a New Agreement can Help Grow FDI Flows and Prosperity," and "Bridging the Gap: Establishing Strong International Relationships and Building Trust." "Bridging the Gap: Establishing Strong International Relationships and Building Trust" is the title of the session that aims to look at best practises for building long-term relationships

Regional focus forums

This year, one of the events not to be missed is "The ASEAN Regional Focus Forum," which is being organised by Indonesia while it holds the ASEAN Chairmanship. The ASEAN Cooperation and Capacity to Respond to Regional and Global Challenges Will Be the Focus of This Forum, Which Will Have the Theme "ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth" AIM will also feature additional forums, such as "The Flow of Direct Investments to the Arab Countries of the MENA Region: Reality, Opportunities, & Challenges," which will investigate the potential for investment as well as the ecology of the region.

The Union of Arab Chambers, the League of Arab States, and the Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Bahrain - UNIDO are the organisations that are playing hosts to this meeting. The next conference will be titled "Regional Focus Forum - African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States," and it will discuss the findings of a survey that was carried out in collaboration between WAIPA and UNIDO. The survey aimed to identify the most significant obstacles that ACP IPAs are now dealing against.

The forum called "Africa Regional Focus Session," which was organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, centred on the launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and how it served as a milestone towards the creation of a single continental market, as outlined in the African Union's Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want. The forum was focused on the launch of the AfCFTA and how it served as a milestone.

The "Regional Focus Forum for Latin America and The Caribbean Productive Development in LAC: Future Strategies" will be held at AIM Global 2023 on May 10, and it will be organised by the Inter-American Development Bank and the CAF – Development Bank of Latin America. The purpose of the forum is to examine the policies and strategies that many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have implemented in order to promote productive development and diversify their economies.

The discussion at the "SADC Regional Focus Forum," which will be sponsored by the Southern African Development Community and immediately follow the event, will centre on the paradigm shift that is altering the capital markets and investment world.

On May 8, AIM will also play host to various side events of the highest calibre. The "World Local Production Forum: Enhancing access to medicines and other health technologies," the "Global Credit Management & NPL Investments Forum," and the first portion of the "Entrepreneurs Investment Summit" are some of the events that will be taking place.

In addition, the Russia-Middle East Forum, whose working title is "Russia and the Middle East: Cooperation for Economic Growth and People's Well-Being," will take place on this day as well.

The participation in these forums and side events will give delegates with a priceless opportunity to receive insights and perspectives on the current state of investment prospects, market trends, and best practises in a variety of regions. The Annual Investment Meeting is an event that investors and business leaders absolutely must miss if they want to be on the cutting edge of developments in global investment trends. This year's iteration is shaping up to be the most exciting one yet thanks to the event's excellent lineup of speakers, cutting-edge technology, and opportunities to network with other attendees who share similar interests. Do not pass up the chance to have a singular impact on the development of the economy of the entire world.

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