UAE-India Flights Cancelled Due to Cyclone Expected to Hit Indian State

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Several flights between the UAE and India have been cancelled on May 26 and 27 (Sunday and Monday) due to the impending Cyclone Remal, which is expected to impact the coastal region of West Bengal, including Kolkata.

Flight Cancellations Due to Cyclone Remal

This decision follows the Kolkata Airport Authority of India's (AAI) move to suspend all flight operations for 21 hours, from 12:00 AM on May 26 to 9:00 AM on May 27, in anticipation of the severe weather conditions.

The Kolkata AAI issued a statement explaining that the suspension of flight operations is necessary due to the predicted heavy winds and intense rainfall associated with Cyclone Remal. This precautionary measure is aimed at ensuring the safety of passengers and airport personnel during the storm.

Etihad Airways Affected Flights

One of the affected airlines is Etihad Airways, which announced the cancellation of its flights EY256 from Abu Dhabi Zayed International Airport (AUH) to Kolkata Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) and the return flight EY257 on Sunday, May 26.

A spokesperson from Etihad verified the cancellations on Saturday evening, attributing adverse weather conditions as the cause. The spokesperson conveyed remorse for the inconvenience and assured that the airline's personnel are actively facilitating alternative travel options for affected passengers. Emphasizing the paramount importance of guest and crew safety and comfort, the spokesperson apologized for any disruptions caused.

Flights between Dubai and Kolkata have also been affected. Emirates confirmed the cancellation of flights EK 572/573 on May 26 and EK 570/571 on May 27. An Emirates spokesperson emphasized that affected customers are being re-accommodated and urged them to check the airline's website for the latest updates on their flight status.

Similarly, flydubai has announced that its flights FZ 461/462 between Dubai International (DXB) and Kolkata on Sunday have been delayed and are now scheduled to operate on Monday, May 27. The airline is closely monitoring the weather conditions and will adjust its flight schedule as necessary.

Alongside the flight cancellations, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a severe cyclone warning for the northeastern region of India and coastal areas of Bangladesh. Anticipated to reach land in West Bengal and the coastal regions of Bangladesh around midnight on May 26, the cyclone is projected to have substantial repercussions for the area, notably impacting the city of Kolkata.

Despite the ominous weather forecast, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) inspector Zaheer Abbas reassured the public of the force's readiness for the cyclone. Abbas affirmed that the soldiers were fully prepared to manage any potential disaster resulting from the cyclone. He emphasized the team's readiness for various scenarios, including tree-falling incidents or flood rescues, asserting that they were equipped and trained to handle all eventualities.

The cancellation of flights and the suspension of operations at Kolkata Airport highlight the serious threat posed by Cyclone Remal. Both airlines and airport authorities are prioritizing safety and taking all necessary precautions to mitigate the impact of the cyclone on air travel. Passengers affected by these cancellations are advised to stay updated on their flight status and make alternative arrangements where necessary. The situation remains fluid, and authorities are continuing to monitor the cyclone's progress and adjust plans accordingly.

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