UAE announces a New federal traffic law for driverless cars

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The new federal traffic law was approved by the UAE Cabinet on Monday, as announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE.

A new federal traffic law in the UAE

To keep up with the lightning-fast development in the world of transportation, this law updates vehicle categories and allows for the installation of cutting-edge road systems.

The new legislation aims to expand the use of self-driving vehicles and electric cars. It also addresses various types of personal transportation and emphasizes the overall reliance on advanced transportation methods. This proactive approach reflects the UAE's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in transport.

Regulations for Driving and Vehicle Management

The law includes provisions concerning exemptions from obtaining driving licenses, the suspension of driving licenses and permits, vehicle insurance and inspection protocols, and regulations for driving schools. By leveraging technological advancements, the law aims to enhance the efficiency and safety of the country's road network.

Sheikh Mohammed announced the new law following a UAE Cabinet meeting where several other legislative matters were discussed and approved, reinforcing the country's commitment to ongoing development.

The UAE now has legislation aimed at combating communicable diseases. This law establishes a legal framework for prevention, monitoring, reporting, and managing diseases based on their nature, severity, and spread. The legislation builds on the UAE's effective handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, incorporating lessons learned to safeguard public health.

Recognizing its status as one of the safest countries globally, the UAE aims to enhance services for international tourists. The Cabinet approved the country's adherence to the principles and recommendations of the International Code for the Protection of Tourists issued by the United Nations Tourism Organization. These guidelines will help tourism institutions provide better services to visitors.

In a pioneering move, a federal decree law was issued to regulate the use of the human genome under the Emirati Genome Program. With over 600,000 genetic samples collected, the program aims to map genetic and hereditary diseases in the UAE. Pre-marital screening will now include tests for all genetic and hereditary diseases. Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the importance of this initiative, calling for citizen cooperation to ensure stronger healthcare for future generations.

Money-Laundering Regulations

To combat financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorism financing, the UAE has approved the Unified List, which includes 41 penalties. This legislation ensures justice and provides flexible timelines for complainants to submit necessary documents to the court.

The UAE recently joined the BRICS economic bloc, aiming to strengthen global economic relations. The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank will represent the UAE in the BRICS working groups. Additionally, the Cabinet approved the formation of a working group to develop the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), enhancing its role in the economy and facilitating international market entry for local companies.

The UAE continues to lead in artificial intelligence (AI), addressing ethical concerns through the Ethical Charter of Development and Use of AI. The country is committed to responsible AI use and respect for human values. Dubai has also launched a paperless government initiative and developed guidelines for handling digital waste. The appointment of 22 chief AI officers across government entities underscores Dubai's vision to become a global hub for AI solutions.

The UAE signed an agreement with Oman for a railway project linking the two countries. Additionally, an agreement with Kazakhstan for a wind power plant highlights the UAE's commitment to sustainable energy. Legal cooperation agreements with Kenya, Mauritius, Costa Rica, and Congo Brazzaville were also signed, covering extradition, mutual legal assistance, and economic partnerships.

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